House Backs Display of National Motto

July 25, 2000

Source: The Denver Post

On July 25, 2000, The Denver Post published an article about the recent House of Representatives vote which urged the "display of the national motto - 'In God We Trust' - in public buildings. The House action came on a voice vote on a resolution introduced by Rep. Bob Schaffer, R-Fort Collins, who acknowledged his measure was inspired by the 5-to-1 vote of the [Colorado] state school board on July 6." Schaffer commented that "This is our national motto, not a prayer, This is the motto right before us. This is not a controversial statement of any kind." As was the Colorado Education Board's resolution, the House vote is non-binding. "It does not provide any federal funding for posting the motto, but states only that the House 'encourages the display of the national motto of the United States of America in public buildings throughout our nation.'"