Hindus in Toledo Celebrate Temple Anniversary With a Festival of India

August 14, 2004

Source: Toledo Blade


On August 14, 2004 Toledo Blade reported, "amidst the rhythmic Indian music, expressive dancing, and spicy culinary delights being offered this weekend at the Festival of India, members of the local Hindu community will be offering prayers and performing a number of religious ceremonies at the Hindu Temple of Toledo. For devout Hindus, spirituality is something to be pursued without pause, according to Pandit Anantkumar B. Dixit, spiritual leader of the temple that serves 500 area families... This month marks the 15th anniversary of the Hindu Temple and Heritage Hall, which opened on a 15-acre parcel on King Road in Sylvania Township in August, 1989. A number of special events are being held this year in honor of the 15th anniversary."