Hindus Gather for Traditional 60th Birthday Celebration

April 22, 2005

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune


On April 22, 2005 The Salt Lake Tribune reported, "in America, you can scarcely find a birthday card for anyone 40 or older without allusions to sagging flesh, weak bladders or diminished memory. Black balloons seem to be the order of the day. Hindus have a better idea. They see the number 60 as auspicious and that birthday not as the end of active living but a midpoint of a 120-year cycle. It's a reason for joy and thanksgiving, not despair. The drive to make money is over, family obligations are on the wane, and there's time for more spirituality, they believe. Rather than longing for their youth, Hindus relish the increased respect afforded to elders. Last week, Utah's Hindu community gathered at the Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple in South Jordan for Neale R. Neelameggham's initiation into the rest of his life, beginning with a renewal of his wedding vows."