Hindus Gather for Groundbreaking of North Carolina's Largest Temple

May 30, 2005

Source: The News & Observer


On May 30, 2005 The News & Observer reported, "the 6-foot-deep hole in the red clay soil was filled with smashed coconuts, quickly spoiling bananas, quarters, broken bricks and a single dollar bill. To the hundreds of Indian people who gathered around it Sunday, it was sacred ground. The hole marked the beginnings of what could soon be North Carolina's largest Hindu temple, rising on a 9-acre plot in western Cary. The fruits and coins within were gifts to Sri Venkateswara, the god of wealth and well-being -- who they hope will soon reside in a $1.5 million, 4,000-square-foot structure designed according to specifications in sacred scriptures... On Sunday, the Triangle's growing South Indian population took a symbolic step toward creating a more permanent spiritual home. At an elaborate ritual groundbreaking ceremony, Hindu priests climbed into the hole and buried nine different gemstones, nine precious metals and nine types of grain -- all offerings to the god who will soon sit in a shrine on that spot."