Hindus Fear Loss of Only Temple

January 17, 2006

Source: The Moscow Times


On January 17, 2006 The Moscow Times reported, "The fate of a patch of land behind a supermarket in northern Moscow is raising the wrath of Hindus around the globe, following City Hall's withdrawal of permission for the city's Krishna community to build a temple on the site. On Wednesday, the Defend Russian Hindus campaign is to be launched by 10 member of Britain's House of Commons in reaction to the Moscow city government's decision to tear up an agreement to allow the Krishna community to build on the land, leaving the capital's estimated 10,000 Hare Krishnas and at least 5,000 Indians of other Hindu denominations without a permanent place of worship... The dispute, which has attracted the attention of national newspapers in Britain and India, has led the Indian government to appeal directly to the Moscow authorities, the Hindustan Times reported. But there are few signs a resolution will be found any time soon. 'The temple is the only place of worship for Hindus in Moscow. When this is taken away, they can't practice their religion as they should,' said Kallidai, whose organization unites hundreds of Hindu organizations in Britain. The temporary temple is used by members of the Indian community for religious ceremonies, including weddings."