Hindus Eye Niagara as Their Ganges

April 11, 2007

Author: Jeanne Gagnon

Source: National Post


"You do not deposit plastic bags and metal objects in bodies of waters because it's not prescribed religiously. It's just you're too lazy to do the right thing," Mr. Sharma said.

Although scattering ashes in the province's waterways is legal, there has been some confusion because lakes and rivers are governed by multiple jurisdictions, said a spokesman for the Minister of Government Services, who oversees the disposition of ashes in the province.

"What we say as a guiding principle is that you should get permission of whoever's property you're on. We suggest check with whoever owns the land," said Paul de Zara, director of communications for the minister.

Mark Rabbior, a spokesman with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, said environmental concerns are minimal because the practice typically involves only small quantities of ashes, flowers or leaves.

Mr. Sharma is continuing to work with Gerry Phillips, Ontario's Minister of Government Services, to identify appropriate waterways with strong currents and easy access for members of the Hindu community.