Hindus Express Dissatisfaction Over Depiction of Deity in "Xena"

March 16, 1999

Source: Los Angeles Times

On March 16, 1999, the Los Angeles Times reported that the worldwide Hindu community is expressing concern over the depiction of Hindu deities in an episode of "Xena: The Warrior Princess." The disputed episode, entitled "The Way," depicts Lord Krishna in a way that is offensive to many Hindus. Braja dasi, a representative of the Los Angeles Chaitanya Mission, stated: "How would Christians feel if a bunch of Hindus took Jesus Christ and filmed Xena punching him in the face?" A delegation of over 200 Hindus attempted to meet with executives from Universal Studios on March 15th, but they were rebuffed. Producers of "Xena" contend that the Hindu faith has been treated with respect and sensitivity. Leah Krantzler, a Universal Studios spokeswoman, said that the show has "an expert in Indian studies who is Hindu" from the University of Auckland as a consultant. Krantzler further stated that, "the show began filming only after the consultant had thoroughly reviewed and contributed to the shooting script."