Hindus Encouraged to Have More Children to Counteract Muslim Population Growth

November 20, 2003

Source: The Guardian


On November 20, 2003 The Guardian (UK) reported, "A radical Hindu political party in Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state, which is a key ally of the country's ruling party, is encouraging Hindus to have more children because of fears of a Muslim population explosion...'We will honour these couples [with five or more children] at a special function next month by conferring the title "Awakened Hindu Family,"' said the Shiv Sena's state chief, Vijay Tiwari. Couples with more than 10 children would be given gifts of gold or silver. The call runs counter to the Indian government's policy of controlling the country's burgeoning population by promoting family planning. The 'awakening' that the Shiv Sena wants to bring about stems from the belief that India's Muslim population, already estimated to be about 140 million, will overtake the Hindu, even though Hindus account for 85% of India's population, now more than a billion."