Hindus and Muslims Worship Side-by-Side in Jaipur

May 31, 2004

Source: WebIndia123.com


On May 31, 2004 WebIndia123.com ran an ANI article that reported, "A beautiful 17th century mosque in Jaipur, built amidst three temples, stands as a heartwarming example of communal harmony. Vedic chants of the 'Geeta', sound in perfect harmony with verses from the Quran, in this sleepy corner of the city, untouched by the communal venom biting most of heterogenous neighbourhoods. The devotees, barely distinguishable as Hindus or Muslims, move without even the slightest trace of their religious distinction, as faiths and beliefs mingle into brotherhood. 'I believe in Allah, and I believe in God. I go to the mosque as well as the temple. I visit the mosque whenever they have a festival,' said Santosh Singh, a Hindu woman, with the least regard for her destiny of faith by birth. Legend has it that first a temple came up here between 1876-1882 in memory of a popular ruler and honouring his dying wish, a mosque as well was built in glory of his trusted Muslim aides. Since then two more temples, one dedicated to Lord 'Shiva' and another to Goddess Durga have also been built by later rulers."