Hindus and Jains Break Ground on Joint Temple in Phoenix

November 18, 2005

Source: WebIndia123.com. Kochi, Kerala, India



On November 18, 2005 WebIndia123.com reported, "A diverse [group of] expatriate Indians with different religious faith[s] have joined hands to build a Hindu and Jain Unity Temple in the metro Phoenix area. A ground-breaking ceremony was performed recently by the mayor of Phoenix, Phil Gordon, who complemented the Indian community for their dedication, hard work and the contributions towards the business and social development of the state. Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano in a message to the Temple Managaing Committee, welcomed the communities compassion, generosity and wished the new temple to work for positive changes within the state and community. Dr. Gautam Shah, the chief organiser and the main force behind the project said that the first phase of the temple will be completed in 2006 at the cost of three to five million dollars. The temple has been designed by Shashi Patel, an architect from Pittsburgh, who has designed 29 temples across the North America."