Hinduism's Flexible Worship Makes Life Simple in Murray

February 16, 2007

Author: Casey Northcutt

Source: The Murray State News


America might be the land of liberty, but Hinduism is a faith of freedom.

Hinduism, said associate professor of chemistry Bommanna Loganathan, is a religion that encompasses thousands of gods who allow leeway when it comes to worship.

"Hinduism is a very good religion," he said. "If you're not following strictly, God won't punish you."

It differs from other faiths, he said, because Hindus don't base their priorities on the deities they worship. Instead, family and education carry more importance. Hindus respect their mothers first, their fathers second, their teachers third and their gods fourth.

"God comes in fourth place," Loganathan said. "So that indicates that God is not egoistic. He is giving importance to family."

Hindus usually attend temples on a regular basis, he said, but the gods don't mind if they only make it once or twice a month. Loganathan can rarely attend because the closest temple in in Nashville, Tenn.