Hindu Youth Leader Speaks Out Against Swastika Ban

February 2, 2005

Source: Hindu Youth Council UK


On February 2, 2005 the Hindu Youth Council UK posted a column by Preeti Raichura, chair of the Hindu Youth UK Leicester, regarding the proposed swastika ban by the UK government. Raichura writes, "For thousands of years the Swastika has been used in the name of Goodness, Purity, Love and tolerance. But the true meaning of the Swastika has been diminished by the rein of the Nazi's. Once a symbol that was universally accepted from all walks of life with open arms is now tainted with the scrutiny dictated by Hitler...Nazi Germany took an ancient Hindu symbol and perverted it to such a degree that it can never be used again without bringing up all the associations of death, destruction, hatred and vileness that it perpetrated. If the Swastika is displayed in any of the 'civilized' parts of the earth, the reactions of the viewer are universally of rage and disgust. How can such a beautiful meaning be corrupted to such extremes?...As a British born Hindu, bought up in multi-cultural Leicester, I believe the swastika can be used as a means of bringing communities together, and sharing a universal approach of community cohesion, and togetherness, promoting goodness and tolerance."