Hindu Youth Discuss Being Both Indian and American

July 13, 2005

Source: Beliefnet


On July 13, 2005 Beliefnet reported on the results of the invitation extended in March by the editors of Hinduism Today and Hindu Press International for Hindu-American youth "to submit essays discussing the challenges they face as they reconcile Eastern religious culture with Western daily life." 19-year-old New Yorker Shurjendu Dutt-Mazumdar states, "The ideals of America and of India are but two manifestations of the One. I feel that both these cultures, when culled of the extraneous and embraced at the core, can work harmoniously to encourage self-growth. It is up to me to respond well to the proffered hand of opportunity." 13-year-old Saagar Ashvin Pandit of Connecticut states, "The town I live in and the school I attend have a good sense of cultural diversity and sponsor programs that foster this awareness... I have not experienced any racial intolerance so far. But I do speak out, because I believe that everyone has a role to play in maintaining harmony, racial or otherwise. I try to respect the religious heritage of others and expect the same in return. First and foremost, however, I am proud of my Hinduism and my 'mother country,' India."