Hindu University of America Announces Award of First Doctoral Degree

June 30, 2005

Source: Hindu University of America


On June 30, 2005 a Hindu University Press Release reported, "On Saturday, June 25, 2005 the Hindu University of America located in Orlando, Florida, hosted the third Graduation Commencement. This particular graduation made history with both Master and Doctoral degrees awarded. First ever of its kind, the degree of Doctor of Hindu Studies in 'Yoga Philosophy & Meditation' was awarded to Mona Khaitan, and the first Masters degree in 'Hindu Philosophies' was received by Jadeine Shives. The ceremony started auspiciously with traditional Hindu prayers recited by faculty members... Chanting was then offered to the presiding deity of Hindu University shrine, Shree Vishnumaya Durga by [some of] the graduates."