Hindu Temple Wins Zoning Approval for Expansion

September 20, 2005

Source: News Transcript


On September 20, 2005 the News Transcript reported, "The Zoning Board of Adjustment has approved the construction of an addition to the Hindu American Temple and Cultural Center of Marlboro at Wooleytown and Texas roads. The temple is on a 30-acre parcel in the Land Conservation district, which is a 5-acre residential zone. The applicant sought permission to build a 2,400-square-foot addition to the building... Lorali Totten, the planner and engineer representing the applicant, said the existing structure is a two-story building that houses a prayer hall, meeting rooms and classrooms... Totten said [that] although the addition will be a one-story structure, it [will be] a little higher than an average one-story home, but not as tall as the existing two-story structure. She said the addition would provide a prayer hall that is separate from where the meetings and classes take place."