Hindu Temple Provides For Beggars Driven Out of the North

March 10, 2004

Source: AllAfrica.com


On March 10, 2004 AllAfrica.com posted an article from The Monitor on "the changing face of Kampala's beggars." The Monitor conducted an informal survey of beggars on the streets of the town, and reported, "Of 69 beggars interviewed, 28 of them said they came from war-torn northern Uganda. Without any gainful activity to engage in due to the 17-year-old insurgency, most beggars from the north said they found the streets of Kampala their only alternative. Many criticised President Museveni for not doing enough to combat the LRA and poverty in the north...Mr Joseph Ntibakunze, who organises food distribution at the Hindu Temple on Entebbe road - the temple provides meals to most of Kampala's vagrants - says he has seen an increase of beggars from the north...Both [two men interviewed] express frustration towards their Members of Parliament for neglecting them, but are grateful to the Hindu Temple on Entebbe road for providing food, clothing and other utilities."