Hindu Temple Plans Rattle Chandler Area

April 11, 2007

Author: Chris Markham

Source: East Valley Tribune


Plans for a Hindu temple in one of Chandler’s few horse-property neighborhoods are upsetting some residents.

The subdivision of milliondollar homes built on singleacre lots near Dobson and Galveston roads has been a residential neighborhood since 1929, said resident Thomas Hornyan.

“It’s been one of the unique points in the city and this will damage that,” Hornyan said Tuesday during a neighborhood meeting held by members of the Sri Venkata Krishna congregation.

The congregation has begun applying for a use permit to build a 7,500 square-foot religious and cultural center. It will resemble a 12th-century Hindu temple in Udupi, India, and will provide the 30-40 family congregation with its first official home.

The temple will feature a prayer hall, dining area, kitchen, classroom and living areas for priests. Two priests and a facility manager will live there full-time, though space will be reserved for the faith’s pontiff when he visits from India.