Hindu Temple Desecrated Again, Priest Pleads for End to Violence

August 14, 2006

Source: Fiji Times


On August 14, 2006 the Fiji Times reported, "The priest of a Hindu temple that was desecrated on Friday night has pleaded with the perpetrators to stop violating places of worship.

Govindar Murti said this was the third time in two years that thieves ransacked the Bhagwati Temple in Vuci Road, Nausori. He said he did not understand why they were victims of such insulting behaviour.

The thieves took off with a CD player worth $200 and $100.

'This is a temple where people worship and when thieves steal from here it is really sad especially when it happens several times,' he said.

The caretaker at the temple, Shamil Murti said he noticed the break-in at 6am yesterday.

'I came here to pray when I noticed that things were shuffled around and when I checked sure enough the money was gone,' he said.

Mr Murti said Nausori police arrived soon after the matter was reported and were still investigating the case. He said people who ransacked places of worship would reap what they sowed."