Hindu Summer School Promotes 'Cultural Confidence'

July 6, 2005

Source: Trinidad Express


On July 6, 2005 the Trinidad Express reported, "Art, literature and culture will be featured in a one-month vacation course for children. Organised by the Hindu Prachar Kendra, the course is open for children five years and older... Kendra spiritual leader, Raviji said: 'Ramdilla allows for a wide range of interesting subjects to be taught to children. These disciplines are valuable supplements to school curriculum and home training. The course is also a good blend between play and discipline.' He said the vacation exercise will offer studies suitable to various age groups. 'This promotes cultural confidence and self-esteem.' He said parents have testified to the impact of previous courses on their children. The sessions will include studies in Ramayan, Ramdilla Performance Arts- Singing, Dance, Script Writing, Narration and Acting, Yoga and Communication Skills."