Hindu, Sikh Leaders Criticize Pope for Using Poverty Work as "Tool for Proselytizing"

April 6, 2005

Source: CNW Group


On April 6, 2005 CNW Group reported, "Under Pope John Paul II, the Roman Catholic Church has used poverty as 'a tool for proselytizing,' an interfaith 360 Vision panel discussion heard this evening. Hindu and Sikh panelists argued that the Church has focused on aiding the destitute of Asia and Africa because it seeks to win converts in those parts of the world. At the same time, the institution pays little attention to poverty in Latin America because that continent is already predominantly Catholic. 'Historically, once people have been converted they are neglected,' said panelist T. Sher Singh, trustee of the Sikh Foundation International...The hour-long panel discussion offered a forthright and often highly critical assessment of John Paul's interfaith legacy from the perspectives of various religions. Leaders from the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu communities reflected on the complex nature of the Pope's relationships with other faith groups."