Hindu Organizations Launch Hindu Council Initiative

August 18, 2005

Source: Hindustan Times


On August 18, 2005 the Hindustan Times reported, "In an effort to present a united voice in an alien country and to shape the 'future and destiny' of the Hindu community in coming decades, leaders of as many as 80 important Hindu organisations and temples in the U.S. have come forward to constitute a Hindu Council Initiative (HCI) of North America. A result of the Dharma Summit-2005 that concluded early this week, the Hindu Council Initiative has mandate to create a network allowing all Hindu religious organizations to work together and provide necessary resources on continuing basis to all temples and other religious organizations in the U.S. The conference general secretary, Ved Chaudhary, told The HindustanTimes.com: 'The Hindu Council Initiative would address only issues of concern to the Hindu community in North America.' Prominent among them include promoting changes to enhance the participation of new generation[s], correcting biased and distorted views of the Hindu traditions in educational institutions and media, improving temple management, developing resources, enhancing the role of temple, and helping temples and religious organizations to reach out to larger community with voluntary services and education, Chaudhary said referring to resolution passed by the Dharma Summit-2005."