Hindu Organisations Feel Left Out in Cold

June 11, 2007

Author: Juggie Naran

Source: IOL


Hindu organisations have accused the KwaZulu Natal provincial Department of Arts and Culture of discrimination and bias after the allocation of most of its grants-in-aid to African bodies in recent years.

Hindu organisations claim they have been sidelined and have encountered serious problems in trying to promote cultural and religious activities. But the department has denied any form of discrimination and said funds were allocated according to needs.

Indian Academy of South Africa director Doctor Thlosiah "TP" Naidoo said even though from time to time the academy had enjoyed support from the KwaZulu-Natal Arts Council, "that support seems to have dwindled".

"In a country that boasts of a democracy that generates equal opportunity and recognition of all cultures, it is sad to learn that the KwaZulu-Natal Arts Council seems to have lost all interest in funding any cultural organisation except black organisations," said Naidoo.