Hindu Nationalists Torch Pepsi Warehouse, Protest at US Offices in Gujarat

March 21, 2005

Source: Taipei Times

Wire Service: AP


On March 21, 2005 the Associated Press reported, "Hindu nationalists torched a PepsiCo warehouse and picketed US government offices in western India on Saturday to protest the cancellation of a US visa for the elected head of Gujarat state. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urged Washington to urgently reconsider its decision. Nearly 150 activists from the Bajrang Dal party barged into the American soft drink manufacturer's warehouse in Surat city in Gujarat, smashed bottles and set fire to parts of the building, said Dharmesh Joshi, a witness. They also ransacked a nearby PepsiCo office, he said. The protesters carried placards reading: 'Down with the US,' and 'Boycott US goods and the Americans.'"