Hindu Mom Threatens Suicide in Turban Row

August 1, 2008

Author: Asit Jolly

Source: Howrah News Service


In Punjab, the mother of a Hindu boy, who has been rusticated from a Sikh school for refusing to wear a turban as part of the prescribed uniform, has threatened to commit suicide unless her son is taken back.

This the second time in recent weeks when Sangrur’s Akal Academy has become embroiled in controversy over the management’s insistence on imposing the turban rule on all students irrespective of whether they are Sikh or not. Earlier a hundred other non-Sikh students without turbans were turned out necessitating intervention by the district administration.

Ms Paramjit Das, who is the wife of a Congress party councilor in Sangrur’s Cheema Town, said her son, Nirmal had been a student at the school for the past seven years and has now been summarily rusticated for refusing to don a Sikh turban.