Hindu Mom Founds Nonprofit

February 9, 2007

Author: Lea Blevins

Source: Tri-Valley Herald


PLEASANTON — If you spend all your time helping others — both in your own community and in other parts of the world — it might be hard to find time to help yourself.

But Prabha Duneja has made it possible.

Pleasanton resident Duneja, 60, is founder and president of the Geeta Society, which promotes both local cultural understanding and world peace.

Duneja grew up in India in a highly religious Hindu family and attended Sanskrit University. She moved to the United States with her husband and young son in 1977, living in Eugene, Ore., and Santa Rosa before moving to the Tri-Valley.

She was working as a special education teacher at Junction Avenue Middle School in Livermore in 1989 when she learned her life was destined for something else.

Duneja met a visiting saint from India, Swami Hari Harji, who told her she was enlightened and destined to help others.