Hindu Man Wakes Up Muslims for Pre-Dawn Ramadan Meal

November 21, 2003

Source: Yahoo! News


On November 21, 2003 Yahoo! News posted a Reuters article about a Hindu man in India who wakes Muslims up for their pre-dawn meal during the month of Ramadan: "[Barati Lal Gupta] walks through the lanes of a Muslim quarter in the city of Lucknow with a microphone and loudspeaker in his hand, waking Muslims for 'sehri' or the pre-dawn meal...The 55-year-old government clerk's efforts over the past 16 years are rare in a country where tensions between Hindus and the 12 percent Muslim minority regularly explode into violence...Gupta has been awakening devout Muslims every Ramadan for 16 years, earning him the name of 'Sehri Wale Baba' or the old man who wakes up people for sehri."