Hindu Man Sues Chevys Over Negligence to Ensure Beef-Free Foods

February 13, 2003

Source: India-West


On February 13, 2003 India-West reported that "it may have been accidental, but the waitress's smirk as she served beef to a local Hindu man in a supposedly vegetarian burrito told another story... Keshav Pabbi and his family were horrified to find chunks of beef in their food one night last September, especially since they claim they clearly ordered vegetarian menu items and repeatedly alerted their waitress that they were strict vegetarians on religious grounds... For months, Chevys management did not respond to their complaints, they said, so the Pabbis filed suit against the Emeryville, Calif., restaurant chain with a smorgasbord of causes of action including discrimination on the basis of race, religion and national origin; inflicting emotional distress; negligent hiring and training of an unfit employee; negligence to ensure their food was free of beef or other meat; and unfair business practices."