Hindu Leaders Work to Revive Faith Among Youth

October 9, 2004

Source: AllAfrica.com/Sunday Times


On October 9, 2004 Sunday Times reported, "Community leaders are fighting to revive Hindu custom and tradition to preserve a culture they fear is dying among the youth. Their efforts come as the younger generation begins to question the relevance and meaning of Hindu rituals. The decline in Hindu culture is blamed on the rising influence of western culture, apartheid's education legacy - which neglected Hindu teachings - and a more sceptical youth. 'Owing to apartheid, children were subjected to Christian national education and, as a result, children and many adults became ashamed of their cultural roots and religious heritage,' said Ram Maharaj, president of the Hindu Dharma Sabha of South Africa. 'Given the impact of Eurocentric education and and the imposition of western values, a large number of the youth and adults started aping western culture and discarded their rich eastern values.'"