Hindu Leader Visits Local Temple, Thrills Local Indian Community

June 19, 2009

Author: Paul Hutchings

Source: Stoney Creek News


He’s one of the most important figures in the Hindu religion. Imagine Pope Benedict visiting a Hamilton-area Roman Catholic church and you have the effect the visit of his holiness Shree Swami Satyamitranand Giri Ji Maharaj Pravach had on those who practice the Hindu faith in Hamilton

The 78-year-old Swami had an audience of about 200 in the Hindu Samaj Temple on Twenty Rd. He spoke openly with the mainly-Indian audience about Hindu philosophies. He watched Indian dancers and prayed with the faithful.

“Our religion is really more of a way of life, and that’s really what he’s talking about,” said Nithy Ananth, spokesman for the temple. “It’s something everyone, regardless of their faith, can learn from, we don’t do any harm to others, we don’t think any harm of others, and we try to do good things for everyone around us. That’s the Hindu philosophy in a nutshell, I think.”

The Swami will be visiting several cities on this tour. Just before this one he was visiting London, England, and will be traveling to several North American Hindu temples. The Hindu Samaj Temple had been trying for three years to organize a visit from the Swami but his schedule was hard to get around. They received some help from the Canadian High Commission in India, which help smooth over some of the rough spots of the visit.