Hindu Human Rights Organization Protests BBC Portrayal of Hindu Women

May 30, 2005

Source: PressEsc


On May 30, 2005 PressEsc reported, "The portrayal of Hindus, and Hindu women in particular, in the British and Western media recently offended thousands of adherents of the religion, a rights group claimed today. Hindu Human Rights claimed that it has recently been flooded with verbal, written and electronic complaints regarding the matter. 'While complaints are quite common, what makes the current sense of outrage peculiar is that the vast majority of complaints we have received are from Hindu women born and brought up in the West,' they stated in a media release. The group identify the BBC as the chief culprit with its new programme Meera Syal's 'Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee' which, according to them, once again showed BBC's inability to provide a positive portrayal of Hindus in Britain. 'Containing a series of cheap and insulting digs at Hindus, this program continues the tradition of the Western media's denigration of Hinduism and Hindu culture,' the press release read. 'In addition to the ridiculing of the Hindu religion, there is the worrying aspect of how this program reinforces deeply ingrained stereotypes about Hindus.'"