Hindu Holy Days Coincide with Muslim, Jewish Holidays

October 13, 2005

Source: The Examiner


On October 13, 2005 The Examiner reported, "October this year brings together not only the Jewish High Holidays and the Muslim month of fasting but also a season of Hindu religious festivities, starting at the beginning of this month with Navaratri, or 'nine nights,' and stretching until Diwali, or the 'festival of lights,' on Nov. 1. Hindus in the [D.C.] metro area - a population some 100,000-strong - will mark the holidays with song, dance, worship and socializing, local religious leaders said... According to the lunar calendar that Hindus follow, the holidays kicked off Oct. 2 with the beginning of Navaratri, which is associated with goddess worship, dancing and fasting... Area Hindu organizations, under the umbrella of the Association of United Hindu and Jain Temples, are planning to host a massive Diwali celebration... on Nov. 5. [Sonia Chopra, a media volunteer at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness] said up to 15,000 people are expected, including many non-Hindus drawn by the food, music and shopping."