Hindu Heritage Camp Celebrates 21st Anniversary

July 26, 2006

Source: Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America


On July 26, 2006 the Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America reported, "When was the last time 150 youths got together, went canoeing and played garba-raas (an Indian traditional dance) in the same day? The 21st annual Houston area Hindu Heritage Camp was a success with a record number of campers, ages 7 to 17, attending. Campers participated in several physical activities such as canoeing, sports, swimming, and yoga. Additionally, daily education sessions focusing on various aspects of the Hindu way of life truly opened the floor for discussion. Every night there were different special activities including garba-raas and bhangra (another traditional Indian dance), a camp wide scavenger hunt, and a skit night in which campers acted out all their experiences from camp. 'This camp is for the kids,' says director Alok Kanjia who has attended camp from the age of six, 'We are here to encourage the kids having a good time while exploring their heritage.' Building confidence, spirituality, character and community is what the Hindu Heritage Camp is all about...Many counselors also see the need to create a social network for Hindu youth in America by serving as a mentor. 'In many ways it fills the generation gaps between the parents and children,' says middle school coordinator Mona Malkan."