Hindu Group's Leaders Concerned Over Linguistic Divisions

February 16, 2004

Source: Hindustan Times


On February 16, 2004 the Hindustan Times reported, "South African Hindus chanted hymns and walked the streets of the largely Indian township of Lenasia for Shivratri, but there were complaints that the annual procession was becoming divided on linguistic lines. The annual Mahashivratri Yatra took place in Lenasia, south of here, on Sunday. Despite the huge turnout, a prominent local leader said it would have been even more successful if all Hindu organisations in the area participated actively. Cyril Samuels, vice-president of the Hindu Coordinating Council, which organised the event, said there were still some organisations and individuals who saw the event as one for Hindus in a linguistic context. 'There still seems to be the division on the basis of language and there is a total misunderstanding when you say that the Hindu Coordinating Council is strictly Hindi-orientated. We find that people from the different linguistic groups, like Tamil, Telugu and Gujarati-speaking communities, have sometimes avoided getting involved.'"