Hindu Gay Couple Claims Discrimination

March 10, 2004

Source: Indo-Link


On March 10, 2004 Indo-Link reported, "Aggrieved by the Seattle authorities decision to deny them a 'marriage' license and declare them as ‘Hindu couple’, two Non Resident Indians, who openly admit they are lesbians, have decided to mount a legal challenge against it. The duo -- Vegavahini Subramaniam and Vaijayanthimala Nagarajan -- who go by the names of 'Vega' and 'Mala', not hiding their sexual biases were denied a 'marriage' license in Seattle following which they filed a suit against the American state alleging their civil rights have been violated. The duo further said they were denied a 'marriage' licence in King County in Washington state on Monday in response to which they had filed a suit against the state, according to a media report."