Hindu Delivery Man Beaten because Assailants Thought He Was Muslim: Police Filed Hate Crime Charges

July 1, 2003

Source: The Standard-Times


On July 1, 2003 The Standard-Times reported that "resting on an old mattress next to several Hindu texts, Saurabh Bhalerao struggled yesterday to describe the four men police said brutally attacked him last week because they thought he was a Muslim... 'Ignorance is the best word I can use,' he said, whispering through a jaw wired shut. 'They do not know about the world outside the United States...' Speaking with conviction, the student from Indore, India, said he will absolutely finish his master's degree in engineering at UMass Dartmouth. Yet his voice softened and his head bowed slightly when he contemplated going back to his old delivery job in New Bedford... Despite the attack, Mr. Bhalerao said he believes the alleged perpetrators do not represent the larger community. He said the U.S. is generally a tolerant community."