Hindu Council UK to Hold Seminar To Assist Those Teaching Hinduism in School

January 12, 2007

Source: Hindu Press International


LONDON, ENGLAND, January 12, 2007: The Hindu Council (UK) supported by the DfES (the government department of education), the QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority) and the Neasden temple have organized a one-day seminar on Hinduism for March 22, 2007.

According to this press release, the aims of the seminar are: To assist primary and secondary school teachers with tools and techniques in teaching Hinduism; provide an opportunity to ask questions to clear up confusion on many aspects of Hinduism; to have a guided tour of the temple, exhibition on Hinduism and witness the arati ceremony; to participate in workshops on how Hinduism can be taught using arts, music and dance: experience the hospitality of the temple and have an opportunity to interact with the temple staff; review Hindu ideas on how to incorporate recommendation in the New Non-statutory Framework of RE (religious education); and to provide an opportunity to obtain resources on Hinduism and develop closer ties with the Neasden Temple and Hindu Council (UK) for on-going support in teaching Hinduism. This seminar is an opportunity for all RE teachers to gain first-hand experience on how to teach Hinduism from reception to advanced levels and to gain resources and develop links with specialists in this field.