Hindu Council Participates in Meetings with Police After Bombings

July 12, 2005

Source: Hindu Council UK press release


On July 12, 2005 a Hindu Council UK press release reported, "The Hindu Council UK (HCUK), the nation's main body representing Britain's half-a-million Hindus, was invited by the Metropolitan Police Authority to a strategy development meeting on Monday 11th July at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster. The meeting consisted of workshops aimed at developing future working strategies in London for closer co-operation between the faith communities and the police in the wake of last week's terrorist attacks. The meeting was jointly arranged by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and the Metropolitan Police Authority. The Hindu Council's Faith and Culture Executives, Sudarshan Bhatia and Dilip Joshi MBE, were invited to the conference by the GLA, with whom they already have a close working relationship."