Hindu Center Fosters Religious Tolerance

June 18, 2008

Author: John Chadwick

Source: The South Bend Tribune/The Record


Like many houses of worship, the Sadhu Vaswani Center in Closter, N.J., has a sign that displays spiritual messages to passers-by.

But rather than trumpeting familiar injunctions like “Praise the Lord,” the Hindu congregation’s sign says: “You get what you expect. Therefore, expect the best and the best will come to you.”

The message reflects the hope-filled teachings of Dada J.P. Vaswani, an 89-year-old India-based scholar, humanitarian and spiritual leader.

Vaswani has a growing following in northern New Jersey, especially among Hindu families with roots in the Sindh region that became part of Pakistan after the partition of India. Large numbers of Hindus left Sindh, settling in India and other parts of the world.