Hindu-Buddhist Friendship Society to be Formed

May 30, 2004

Source: Sunday Observer

http ://w ww.sundayobserver.lk/2004/05/30/new27.html

On May 30, 2004 the Sunday Observer reported, "A Hindu-Buddhist Friendship Society, among devotees from the subcontinent and Sri Lanka is in the pipeline. The architects of this move are, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, who has unified the Hindus of India, the Ven Rassagala Seewali Thera, attached to the Thai-Sri Lanka Buddhist Centre, and prominent Sri Lankan Hindus and Buddhists. Hinduism and Buddhism has a common heritage and unity between these two religions would spread amity between the peoples of the two nations, and prevent Sri Lanka from dangers which could arise from outside its boarders, Swami Saraswati said. A conference between Hindus from India with around 200 prominent Swamis and other Hindus participating with Sri Lankan Buddhists, will be held in Colombo in December. The move is being perused by Connaissance Holdings, its deputy chairman, Suranimala Senaratne, told the media in Colombo."