Hindu-Buddhist Delegation Visit Aimed At Bringing People of Ancient Cultures Together

May 30, 2005

Original Source: Kuensel Online. Karma Choden


On May 30, 2005 Kuensel Online reported, "On a six-day visit to Bhutan the leader of a Hindu-Buddhist joint delegation from India, Venerable Bhadant Gnana Jagat Thero, who is the president of World Buddhist Cultural Foundation, said that the intention of the mission was to bring the people of the ancient cultures of the east together and closer to each other. 'The ancient cultures and religions of the east like Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism all belong to the same family,' he said. 'The aim is to develop love, regard, and concern for all the ancient eastern cultures and religions and for this we are seeking the guidance and the thoughts of the saints and thinkers of different cultures and religions.'"