"Hindu and the Cowboy" Showcases Real Faith Stories

October 20, 2005

Source: The Johnson County Sun


On October 20, 2005 The Johnson County Sun reported, "'The Hindu and the Cowboy ... and Other Kansas City Stories' offers a look at different cultures and the role of faith in people's lives. The play gives insight into how people from other countries, India, Egypt and Tibet for instance, cope with living in a country so vastly different from their own and how faith helps them do that. The stories are not about dogma and religious institutions but about faith, said the play's author, Donna Ziegenhorn. It is also about division and the lesson of tolerance. 'We are divided as people by lines... culture, religion, race, gender, to some extent. The underlying question running throughout the play is are these lines good or are they bad?... There are lines which give shape and form to our identities as people. And people are not going to erase those lines but they need to learn how to meet, be able to communicate and have heart for people in all the lines,' Ziegenhorn said... 'The Hindu' was conceived as a project to unveil the cultural and religious diversity in Kansas City... Eighty [people from Kansas City] were interviewed and Ziegenhorn drafted a play from the mass of material collected."