Hindu American Foundation Writes Letter to California Board of Education Over Textbook Dispute

December 2, 2005

Source: Hinduism Today


On December 2, 2005 Suhag Shukla, Legal Counsel for Hinduism Today, wrote a letter to Dr. Norma Baker of the California Board of Education. The following is an excerpt of that letter: "[The Hindu American] Foundation has substantial representation in the State of California and has thus been monitoring closely the 2005 History-Social Science Primary Textbook Adoption process. The Foundation is gravely concerned with the apparent lack of due process afforded to the Hindu Education Foundation and Vedic Foundation, both of which in good faith participated in the process as representatives of California Hindus and Hindu school children... First and foremost, I am deeply concerned that the California State Board of Education, the California Department of Education as well as the Curriculum Development and Supplemental Materials Commission are allowing an eleventh hour, post-process letter received from Dr. Michael Witzel and co-signatories (dated November 8, 2005) to not only undermine, but circumvent the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee as well as the review process set forth by the commission for the resolution of edits and corrections in textbooks. For over six months, HEF and VF, and the Institute for Curriculum Services and Council on Islamic Education, for that matter, have with due diligence and in a timely manner, complied with the procedural requirements of the commission and CDE. All groups also accepted, without objection, the creation of the Ad Hoc Committee in view of the safeguards for fairness installed by the commission."