Hindu American Foundation Endorses US Religious Freedom Report

May 15, 2005

Source: Hindu American Foundation


On May 15, 2005 a Hindu American Foundation press release reported, "The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) expressed support over portions of the annual report released by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) last week. The report placed Pakistan and Saudi Arabia on the Commission’s list of most serious violators of religious freedom, the 'Country of Particular Concern (CPC)' list. Bangladesh was placed on the Commission’s 'Watch List' for nations at risk for placement on the CPC list. These recommendations were forwarded to the United States Department of State, which considers them prior to publishing its own CPC list. HAF particularly appreciated the attention the USCIRF report brought to the atrocities suffered by Hindus and other minorities in these countries. The foundation plans to release a report next month on the status of Hindu human rights in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India’s State of Jammu and Kashmir for 2004 that will elaborate this issue beyond the scope of the USCIRF report. HAF previously issued a condemnation after Saudi religious police destroyed a Hindu temple and deported worshippers."