Health Secretary to Launch Hindu Patient Care Guide

December 12, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Asian News

Health Secretary Alan Johnson MP and the Hindu Forum of Britain will launch the first ever guide to help health professionals provide care to Hindu patients at the House of Commons today.

Caring for Hindu Patients aims to enhance health professional's awareness of issues important to the care of Hindus and to provide an insight into how services may be provided sensitively with respect for Hindu values, practices and worldviews.

The publication by Radcliffe Publishing is edited by Dr Diviash Thakrar, Rasamandala Das and Aziz Sheikh and has been endorsed by national Hindu organisations, including the Hindu Forum of Britain.

With a brief and cohesive overview of Hinduism, and a short examination of the population’s demographic diversity, the book explores issues including language, dress, diet and festivals with emphasis on their practical relevance to healthcare professionals.

Considering the health needs of Hindu patients at various life stages, the book focuses on birth and childhood and adult issues related to marriage, family structure, contraception, abortion, infertility, adoption and also gives an understanding of Hindu approaches to death.