Hate Group Delivers Anti-Semitic Pamphlets

March 28, 2002

Source: The Boston Globe

On March 28, 2002, The Boston Globe reported that in Hamilton, MA, "a month ago the Board of Selectmen rejected an Anti-Defamation League proclamation to combat intolerance, and yesterday a West Virginia-based hate group delivered anti-Semitic pamphlets to a downtown neighborhood... The pamphlets ask residents to 'Just say No to the Jewish ADL Agenda' and whether they want 'to prevent your daughters from procreating with subhumans.' Similar messages have been delivered to about a dozen communities around Boston... Police Chief Walter Cullen said yesterday, 'We notified the selectmen's office, the town manager, and the district attorney's office. But dropping off pamphlets isn't illegal'... Last night the Board of Selectmen held an emergency meeting to address" the issue.