Hasidic Community Attempts to Aid Community Member

August 29, 2001

Source: The Boston Globe

On August 29, 2001, The Boston Globe reported "the volunteers began arriving in darkness early Monday morning from the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn...many of them clad in the black clothing, white shirts, and black hats favored by Hasidic Jews" to search for Abraham Hauer, a member of their community who went missing while hiking in New Hampshire on Sunday. "A cultural imperative to aid any community member in danger propelled them to drive from Montreal and New York and then scour the woodland for more than 40 hours.

Hauer's wife, Milky, "touched off [the] chain of rescue efforts that have made an indelible impression on North Country residents...'I've never seen a better organized group of volunteers; never, ever' said Colonel Ron Alie of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Service...The search for the missing man ended when...Hauer's body was discovered in dense foliage 300 yards from a popular [hiking] trail...state officials said Hauer, 53, died of natural causes.

"In Williamsburg, a largely Hasidic neighborhood, Hauer was one of 20,000 members of the Satmar congregation, a...sect of Hasidism founded by Jews who emigrated from Hungary after World War II...The Community operates its own ambulance service, which was dispatched to New Hampshire to aid in the search."