Harvard Students Launch Hinduism Journal

May 10, 2006

Source: Harvard Dharma


In May 2006 Harvard Dharma reported, "Swadharma is a semi-annual publication dedicated to the presentation of Hinduism and Indian philosophy. Swadharma seeks to broaden the knowledge and understanding of Hinduism by serving as a medium of intellectual exchange between scholars, academics, and the global community. Blending scholarly articles, interviews, academic research, and editorials, the journal broadly examines views and perspectives on modern Hinduism with the goal to create better awareness and understanding of the tradition by Hindus and non-Hindus alike. Swadharma was conceived with the following paradox in mind: Hinduism, the world’s third most practiced religion, is one of the world’s oldest continuous traditions, yet it is perhaps the least understood, especially in the Western world. Swadharma seeks to improve the knowledge and understanding of Hinduism among Hindus and non-Hindus, foster dialogue between scholars, academics, and students, and most importantly, raise awareness of a religion whose followers comprise more than 15% of the modern world population."