Harvard Divinity School Hosts 5th Annual "Islam in America" Conference

March 4, 2004

Source: Harvard Divinity School's News and Events website


On March 4, 2004 Harvard Divinity School's News and Events website reported, "The United States' general response to the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001, and its invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have left many Muslims feeling besieged. In the United States, they protest that the Patriot Act and other regulations target them unfairly, and lament the withering of political gains that took decades to secure. Abroad, many Muslims fear that the War on Terror is actually a war on Islam, a new Crusade intended to extend Judeo-Christian power over the holy lands. It was against this backdrop that leading theologians, historians, and people of faith gathered on the Harvard Divinity School campus in early March 2004 for the fifth annual Islam in America conference, organized by Shura' Islamic Forum, the Muslim students' group at Harvard Divinity School. The conference chair, Shiraz Hajiani, a second-year Master of Theology (MTS) student at HDS, said that the inspiration for this year's theme, 'Engaging America,' was the 2004 presidential election campaign and a presentation by speakers at last year's conference."