In Hartford, a Rabbi and an Imam Seek "Common Ground"

March 25, 2002

Source: The Hartford Courant

On March 25, 2002, The Hartford Courant featured the story "Leaders Bridge Religious Divide." The article described the visit of Rabbi Stephen Fuchs to the Muhammad Islamic Center of Hartford. The article noted, "He gave a passionate, yet informal half-hour sermon, standing before more than 70 people -- including two-dozen visitors from his own ministry, Congregation Beth Israel in West Hartford. Fuchs spoke of the need for Jews and Muslims to maintain a dialogue to better understand each other. ... 'If we join hands I believe with all my heart we can make a better world,' said Fuchs." In December of last year, Imam Qasim Sharief of the Islamic Center spoke at Fuchs' synagogue. The two religious leaders are trying to find "common ground" after the events of September 11. The article continued by quoting Sharief: "'We believe that [ Sept. 11 ] is a wake-up call for all men and women of faith to come together to open the channels of dialogue.'"