In Harrisburg, Race Unity Day Highlights Religious Tolerance

June 13, 2005

Source: The Patriot News

On June 13, 2005 The Patriot News reported, "Religious tolerance highlighted the 27th annual Race Unity Day last night on City Island. Sponsored by the Ecumenical Religious Community of Harrisburg and the Spiritual Assembly of Baha'is of Harrisburg, the four-hour program featured music, poetry, dancing and faith groups respecting and learning about each other. 'Harrisburg has a lot of different religions and ethnic groups,' said organizer Behzad Zandieh as 75 people milled about in the pavilion along the banks of the Susquehanna River. 'People respect each others' differences. We're here to learn about each other in a spirit of fellowship.'... Kathy Tomarelli of Westminster, Md., said inter-religious events teach her that 'people experience the spirit in different ways."